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Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province
    Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province founded in 1958 is the provincial largest comprehensive institution in the field of chemical research. The scientific research occupies the area of more than 27,000 square meter, the construction area is 15,000 square meter, There are also the Key Experimental Base for Fine Chemical of Shandong Province and the Feed Additives Experimental Plant located in the suburb with an area of over 67,000 square meter. There are such institutions which are under the Chemical Research Institute of Shandong Province as the Engineering and Technology Center of Feed Additives of Chinese Chemical Industry, The Key Laboratory for Biochemical Engineering of Shandong Province, Chemical Information Center, Basic Chemicals Quality Supervisory and Examination Station, Dangerous chemicals Registration office of Shandong Province, Chemical Environmental Protection Monitoring Station, Shandong Chemistry and Chemical Industry Association, Shandong Siwei Evaluation Center of Safety for Chemicals etc.
    There is 172 staff and workers, among which 20 are professors, 42 are senior engineers, and 31 are engineers. They are mainly engaged in fine chemical、biological chemical、chemical instrument and equipment and chemical engineering design、chemical waste materials processing、chemical information service etc. It ranks among the tops in the fields of feed additives, chemical intermediates, rubber & plastic assistant, gas chromatograph etc. Since recent years the Academy has made more than one hundred achievements in chemical research, among which over 50 won national, ministerial or provincial scientific achievement prize. Most achievements have been applied by some factories, which have gained many economic and social benefits. All these demonstrate the high-level in scientific research and sound technical development strength.
    The Academy cordially welcomes all friends of the same trade to have academic exchanges, cooperate in research and development. The Academy will enthusiastically participate in the technical economic trade activities, provide best services to all chemical enterprises, so that can promote social economic development and scientific and technical progressing.
    Address:80 East Culture Road Jinan Shandong Province
    Post code:250014
Address:Jinan City Shandong Province culture Road 80 Zip:250014 E-mail:shkeji@sohu.com
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